How much do your classes cost?
All of our classes are free.

Do I need to register to take classes?
You need to attend a Registration & Orientation session for the GED class you want to attend.  At Registration, we’ll get information from you, give you a placement test, and advise you about your options.

Do I need to bring anything to Orientation?
No.  We give you everything you need.  Be sure you know your Social Security number.

What if I miss an Orientation?
We understand!  Just come to the next one—they’re scheduled regularly.

How long will it take to get my GED?
You’ll know from your scores on the Placement Test at Orientation how long your classwork will take.

Where are your classes?
Many of our classes are in Career Centers, Schools, and Libraries in Cuyahoga and Medina Counties.  Check out their locations by following this link.

I don’t know which class I belong in.
We’ll help you with that.  The test you take at Orientation and talking with our staff will help us determine which class will be best for you.  Remember: YOU are in control here!


Do you have Questions?
Email us at
Call us at 440.891-7647 or 330.721.0277.

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