GED 2014

Your future is calling. With the GED® test, you can answer the call!  Don’t feel prepared to finish the GED® test? Don’t worry—we can help! Even with your busy schedule, you can prepare, plan, and succeed.   We’ll make sure you get registered for the GED® test and have all the support you need to finish and pass.

If I’m interested in the GED program, how do I get started?
Visit MyGED at to sign up and create your MyGED account. MyGED at is a start-to-finish online program to help you succeed. You can learn about the 2014 GED® program, see success stories, and try a sample test question. This personalized program guides you through the entire testing process and helps you find study help, prepare for test day, access your personal study plan and learn about colleges and jobs.

What is the 2014 GED® test?
The 2014 GED® test is a four-part test to measure the skills and knowledge similar to a high school course of study. GED® graduates earn a GED® credential.

Who is eligible to take the test?
Anyone who is at least 16 years old and is not enrolled in high school is eligible for the program according to GED Testing Service policy. Ohio has its own policy that may restrict eligibility to certain individuals. Create a MyGED account at to view your alerts dropdown and check the state policies where you plan to test.

What is on the 2014 GED® test?
The 2014 GED® test is designed to measure the skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school course of study and supports an adult’s successful transition to careers or college.

The GED® test has four content areas and takes a little over seven hours:
Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) – 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break)
Mathematical Reasoning – 115 minutes
Science – 90 minutes
Social Studies – 90 minutes
It is offered in English and Spanish and delivered on computer at an Official GED® Testing Center (not online).

Do I have to take all four content areas at once?
No. You can choose to take one content area at a time, two at a time, or any combination that best suits your needs.

Is the 2014 GED® test available online?
You must appear in person at an Official GED® Testing Center to take the GED® test. The test cannot be taken online. To register for the 2014 GED® test, log into MyGED at and visit your Dashboard.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the full GED® test is $120 in Ohio, but Ohio residents are eligible to receive a voucher worth $80, bringing the cost for all 4 tests down to $40.

How do I prepare to take the test?
There are several ways to prepare for the test.  A number of Study Guides are available if you want to brush up on your own.  There are many websites that also have practice items available, but you do not have to pay to prepare to take the test.  The Adult Basic and Literacy Education program is here to help you prepare with our Free GED/Basic Skills Classes.

Where do I go to take the GED® test?
You must take the GED® test at an Official GED® Testing Center. Find a local center near you.

How do I take the test?
The GED® test must be taken on computer at an Official GED® Testing Center. To schedule your test, first create an account on MyGED at Once your account is created, select “Schedule” on your dashboard to get started.

Is the test offered in a different language?
The GED® test is available in English and Spanish and accommodated formats to provide access to as many adult learners as possible. Check the local policies by visiting your MyGED dashboard at and viewing your message dropdown.

I have disabilities.  Can I get special accommodations?
If you have a documented disability (physical, learning, or psychological), you can apply to receive testing accommodations.  Our teachers and staff can help you navigate this process.

Can I just take a GED Practice Test?
Official GED Practice Tests are available on your MyGED account—they are $6 per test.

Can I just skip classes and go and take the GED test?
Yes.  We believe that some preparation helps, even if it’s just getting used to how the test is formatted.  The decision is up to you.

Do you have Questions?
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