GED Test Description

The General Educational Development (GED) diploma was developed to help adults who do not have a high school diploma.  To earn a GED, adults must pass a test.  If you earn a GED  it is recognized nationally by schools, training programs, and employers as EQUAL to a high school diploma.  For more information about the test, please visit the ODE website.

GED® Test in 2014
The new test will start on January 2, 2014.  The test will be taken on a computer and there is no longer a paper-based option.  The price of taking the GED® will increase.  There will be four content areas:  Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Does it cost money to take the test?
Yes. The Ohio Department of Education charges $40 to take the full 2013 test.  That price will increase to $120 in 2014.

How do I prepare to take the test?
There are several ways to prepare for the test.  A number of Study Guides are available if you want to brush up on your own.  There are many websites that also have practice items available, but you do not have to pay to prepare to take the test.  The Adult Basic and Literacy Education program is here to help you prepare with our Free GED/Basic Skills Classes.

Where is the GED test given?
Beginning in January 2014, you will take the test on a computer at an approved Testing Center.

I have disabilities.  Can I get special accommodations?
If you have a documented disability (physical, learning, or psychological), you can apply to receive testing accommodations.  Our teachers and staff can help you navigate this process.

Can I just take a GED Practice Test?
When you finish Orientation, that may be an option.  Your test scores will help determine that.

Can I just skip classes and go and take the GED test?
Yes.  We believe that some preparation helps, even if it’s just getting used to how the test is formatted.  The decision is up to you.

Do you have Questions?
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