Motorcycle Classes

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Benefits of Polaris Career Center Motorcycle Programs:

Polaris Career Center offers a wide variety of motorcycle courses designed to increase both your safety and enjoyment of the sport.  Polaris Career Center is one of the premier motorcycle training sites in Ohio and has trained thousands of riders for over 20 years.

Polaris Career Center has over 25 experienced instructors trained and certified by both the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Motorcycle Ohio to teach motorcycle safety.  Our instructors are dedicated to help you understand and use the mental and physical skills necessary to successfully own and operate a motorcycle.

Polaris Training Facilities are easy to get to from anywhere in the northern Ohio area.

Polaris Career Center training facilities offer three ranges and varied course times to help you find a course that fits your schedule. Polaris Career Center also offers dedicated courses for groups and clubs.  We encourage you to call 440-891-7664 or email us at to discuss your motorcycle training needs.

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