Maintain Your Motorcycle

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Keep your bike safe, reliable and enjoyable by learning how to maintain your motorcycle and pay yourself back for this course through reduced maintenance costs!

This 8-hour motorcycle maintenance course is targeted at the general public.  You will learn and experience, using Polaris Motorcycles, how to perform the maintenance items required in your Motorcycle Owner’s Manual.  Bring your Motorcycle Operator’s Manual to class so we can help you better understand it.

The topics covered are the items listed on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s T-CLOCS inspection and maintenance list – see below for a link to the T-CLOCS form.  Topics include: safety, tools, adjusting the controls, bike appearance and care, electrical systems, brakes, clutches, suspension systems, cooling systems, tune ups and more!  One of the most popular portions of this course is how to winterize your motorcycle for storage over the winter and likewise how to remove it from storage without damage occurring to your motorcycle.

A comprehensive handout is included for use during the course and afterward to help you recall the procedures you will be learning.  Bring a pencil so you can take notes!

Want to get a head start on this class?  Here are some links to provide you some information before the class but don’t worry we will cover the relevant portions of all this in our class. Note: not all the techniques you see on these internet links are appropriate so don’t use these until we discuss and debate these recommendations during our class:

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