Scooter School

Scooter School is a half-day, entry-level training course, designed to familiarize riders with basic scooter operation. Using scooters up to 200cc, students will acquire skills and learn important street-riding strategies. Scooter School is not a license waiver course. The riding prerequisite for this course is that you must be able to ride a bicycle.

Scooterists completing Scooter School will receive instruction in and an opportunity to demonstrate basic skills for scooter operation and control; safety considerations for operating a scooter legally on the street; the importance of a positive riding attitude; safety habits to reduce risk; and overall, acquire the basic knowledge and skills to be a safe, responsible scooterist.

Specifically, students will practice starting out and stopping; riding through curves, stopping quickly, changing lanes and making tight turns, and avoiding hazards and obstacles. Two brief group discussion periods will help participants increase safety awareness, help identify their personal riding abilities and their scooter’s capabilities, and provide guidance for developing riding strategies to manage risk.

This is not a license waiver course and does not require passing a knowledge or skill test for completion. Scooterists and prospective scooterists should check with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for laws affecting scooters in their state. Note: A license waiver is provided to students successfully passing the Basic Rider Course (BRC).

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