Street Rider Course

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This 5 hour course is ideal for riders wanting additional help interacting with traffic on actual streets.  This course offers individual on-road instruction through the use of two way radios.

The course is limited to only four riders and is highly personalized based on participant skill and experience.  Each rider receives timely instructions from an experienced rider coach through provided helmet radios.

The course starts with approximately an hour of classroom discussion on street strategies and how to anticipate, recognize and develop a plan for reducing the risk of potential hazards on the road.  The newly released MSF Collision Trap Scenarios are used to facilitate the development of strategies discussion.

The riders are then provided coaching in the safety of a parking lot atmosphere to assure all the riders are capable and ready to ride on the streets.  Coaching is provided to assist the riders as needed.

Once the Instructors are confident that the riders have the basic operating skills to ride on the street the class proceeds to ride up to three routes on actual streets in and around Polaris Career Center.

The routes are used to develop and refine the strategies learned and discussed in the classroom to reduce risk.  Routes progress from low speed and low risk to higher speed with additional opportunities to identify and mange risks.

Stops are scheduled during each of these routes to allow the riders and Instructors to discuss their experiences and share thoughts on how the potential hazards were managed.

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