Advisory Councils

Polaris Career Center Program Advisory Councils

At Polaris, we rely on the workplace knowledge and resources provided by business advisory council members to ensure that all aspects of career-technical education reflect the needs and current conditions of the workplace. We have over 300 advisory council members who have expertise, leadership and work experience in the various career technical programs we offer.  Each fall, membership is approved by the Polaris Board of Education.

Roles and responsibilities of Advisory Council members:

  • Members should be enthusiastic about their field and the Polaris program they serve.
  • Members must be currently employed in the industry represented by the council.
  • Members should be cooperative, knowledgeable persons who have expertise, leadership, and work experience in the career-technical program they serve.
  • Advisory councils should include a diverse representation of race, ethnicity, and gender.
  • There should not be more than two members from the same company or organization on an individual program advisory council.
  • Each council must add at least one new member each year with a maximum of 14 members in any given year (Ideal total membership 8-12)
  • Council members cannot be current or former employees of Polaris Career Center
  • Only one former student should be on the council at any given time
  • The minimum commitment is to attend two meetings per academic year.
  • Members are expected to remain active and engaged by partnering with program teachers throughout the school year.

Suggested Council make-up :  (This may vary depending on the needs of individual programs)

  • Business, Industry and Labor 5-7 members
  • Representatives of Higher Education 1-2 members
  • Community, Civic and Government 1-2 members
  • Current Student or Graduate 1 member (where appropriate)

Terms of office should be staggered to allow continuity of experience on the councils. It is recommended that members serve a 3-5 year term.  Under most circumstances members should not serve longer than five years.

Click here to access a “New Member Advisory Council” form.

For additional information or questions about advisory councils please contact:

Pam Vizer
Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships