Advisory Councils

Polaris Career Center Program Advisory Councils

At Polaris, we rely on the workplace knowledge and resources provided by business advisory council members to ensure that all aspects of career-technical education reflect the needs and current conditions of the workplace. We have over 300 advisory council members who have expertise, leadership and work experience in the various career technical programs we offer.  Membership is approved by the Polaris Board of education yearly.

Roles and responsibilities of Advisory Council members:

  • Provide information and recommendations to assure that facilities, equipment and teaching materials are up-to-date and similar to that used in business and industry.
  • Provide input and make recommendations that will strengthen and expand career-technical education and curriculum.
  • Encourage and strengthen partnerships between Polaris and the business community.
  • Assist in providing authentic learning experiences for students.
  • Attend a minimum of two meetings per school year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • Members should be cooperative, knowledgeable persons who have expertise, leadership, and work experience in the career-technical program area(s) served.
  • Members should be actively involved and/or currently employed in the industry represented by the council.

For additional information or questions about advisory councils please contact:

Pam Vizer
Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships