Employer Services

Interested in hiring a current or former Polaris student?

Polaris offers job search assistance that is designed to match students’ skills and career interests with employer needs.

Our pool of applicants includes high school and adult students who have just graduated, high school students who are midway through their two years (1080 hours) of training, and alumni from both high school and adult programs.

You may post a job request using the links below. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Polaris programs with potential applicants and will remain active in our database for 60 days. This does not obligate you in any way, and there is no fee associated with our service.

Post a Job Lead


Job postings that will not be accepted by Polaris include the following:

  • A job posting for a position unrelated to a Polaris program
  • Any positions that involve employment in a private residence
  • Positions compensated by commission only
  • Positions that require any type of fee, retainer, or payment
  • A position in which an employee is considered an “Independent Contractor”
  • Any position in which the employee is not covered under all appropriate federal, state, and local labor laws

If you have any questions about hiring Polaris students to meet the needs of your company, please contact Pam Vizer, pvizer@polaris.edu or 440.891.7622.