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Your career opportunities will soar in the Polaris Aeronautics program. Developed in collaboration with Kent State University, the Aeronautics program focuses on five areas of concentration:

  • Aeronautical Studies is designed to give you a broad understanding of the aviation profession, including safety and security, airport management, aviation weather and flight theory.
  • Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology will prepare you to enter the field of aeronautical engineering and technology, providing a pathway to the manufacturing and production sectors of aviation.
  • Air Traffic Control instruction includes theory and practical laboratory-based work in managing aircraft traffic both on the ground and in the air.
  • Aviation Management prepares you for administrative and managerial careers in aviation. Aviation Management will give you exposure to both the technical and business side of the aviation industry.
  • Flight Technology is the pilot training portion of the Aeronautics program, including exposure to professional flight and ground instruction and commercial and instrument flight operations. Flight Technology provides theory and “hands-on” training in a flight simulator.


High School Credit Junior Year

Aeronautics: 2.5, Technology: .5, Physics: 1.0

Potential College Semester Hour Credit

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Course of Study/Syllabus

Sample Assignments

Current Program Fees:

Junior: $107.00

Senior: $  30.00

Aeronautics 2015-2016 Advisory Members

Mr. George Gilby, North Coast Inc.
Mr. Gary Liljenberg, Premier Flight Academy Ltd.
Mr. William Meany, Self Employed
Mr. Eric Mendheim, United Airlines
Mr. Roderick Munn, Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Melanie Nehez, Flight Options
Dr. I. Richmond Nettey, Kent State University
Ms. Holly Osowiecki, Federal Aviation Administration
Mr. Anthony Rohloff, Premier Flight Academy
Mr. Kevin Smith, Federal Aviation Administration

Aeronautics - Crist

Teacher: Terry Crist


BA, Shippensburg State University

CFP, College of Certified Financial Planners

Certifications: Certified Financial Planner

Years at Polaris: 5

Industry Experience:

B737 Captain Continental Airlines 27 years

United Stated Air Force C141 Captain 21 Yrs.

Interests/Hobbies: Jet skiing, boating, biking, snow skiing



  • Aviation law safety
  • Airport management
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations
  • Air traffic control
  • Avionics (aviation electronics)
  • Identify weather systems/conditions
  • Flight planning
  • Identify navigational systems
  • Identify airport charts


  • Flight simulator
  • Aircraft Cockpit instruments
  • Navigational equipment
  • Weather instruments
  • Aircraft avionics training equipment

Career Options

  • Flight attendant
  • Airport maintenance
  • Baggage handler
  • Sales representative
  • Ticket agent
  • Ground attendant
  • Air cargo handler

Future Opportunities with Further Education

  • Air traffic controller
  • Meteorologist
  • Pilot
  • Airport operations manager
  • Aviation mechanic
  • Avionics technician
  • Aviation photographer
  • Airline manager/executive
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Flight school instructor