Electronics & Alternative Energy

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Explore the cutting-edge field of renewable energy and electronics. The Electronics & Alternative Energy program is designed to prepare you for a career as an engineer or electronics technician with a focus on new energy technology.

Electrical energy generation using alternative and sustainable technology is growing at a rapid rate worldwide. Solar power, wind turbines, tidal mills and fuel cells will all play a key role in future electric energy production.

Changes in electronics are impacting other industries too. The transportation sector is witnessing tremendous growth in hybrid (gasoline-electric) vehicle production, and the biomedical and security systems industries are expanding due in large part to technology advances. These and other industries need electronic engineers and technicians like you who can invent, design, manufacture, distribute, install and maintain the advanced electronic components of tomorrow.

ETA, Electronics Technicians Association International
A worldwide trade association recognized for fostering excellence in electronics through certification since 1978. This location has been approved to administer and promote the Certified Electronics Technician and Federal Communication Commission certification examination programs.


High School Credit Junior Year
Electronics: 2.5, Technology: .5, Algebra II: 1.0

Potential College Semester Hour Credit
Cuyahoga Community College

Hocking College

Sinclair Community College

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Course of Study/Syllabus

Sample Assignments

Current Program Fees:

Junior: $ 256.00          Senior: $ 217.00Electronics - Yager

Teacher: Ed Yager

Email: eyager@polaris.edu
Industrial Electronics and Refrigeration Degree, Seneca Vocational High School
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, State University of New York
Master of Education, Kent State University
Certifications: Registered License Professional Engineer State of Ohio; Certified Career Technical Teacher State of Ohio; Electronics Technician Association Certified Administrator; “Project Lead the Way Digital” Digital Electronics Teacher, Rochester Institute of Technology
Years at Polaris: 12
Industry Experience: As an electrical engineer served in many capacities from Junior Project Engineer to Automation and Electrical Project Leader. Provided design, construction and start-up responsibilities on many international, multimillion dollar, state of the art steel manufacturing facilities.
Interests/Hobbies: Being outdoors, jogging, biking, spending time with family, and traveling in the USA, Europe, and Asia


  • Component identification
  • Soldering-de-soldering and tools
  • Drafting and reading of schematic and wiring diagrams
  • Measuring using sophisticated instrumentation
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of simple and complex analog and digital circuitry
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of industrial components and devices – computers, robots
  • Programming and repair of basic and complex computer circuits
  • Safety precautions
  • Applied science and math
  • Construction and prototyping methods
  • Technician work procedures
  • Applied energy science – solar, wind and hydrogen technology


  • Solar panels
  • Fuel cells
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydrogen engines
  • Energy management system
  • DC to AC inverter
  • Analog and digital meters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Substitution boxes
  • Power supplies
  • Audio and radio frequency generators
  • Function generators
  • Signal injectors and tracers
  • Logic probes
  • Microprocessors and computers

Career Options

  • Advanced energy technician
  • Wind field service technician
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair technician for consumer or industrial electrical or electronic devices and/or systems in the manufacturing, biomedical, health science and entertainment sectors
  • Technician for fabrication and/or testing of prototypes
  • Fabrication and/or testing of prototypes

Future Opportunities with Further Education

  • Advanced energy engineer
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Wind field operations manager
  • Solar engineer
  • Avionics technician
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electronic engineer
  • Electronic instrumentation engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Biomedical engineer/biomedical equipment technician
  • Software engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Product development engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Video and sound engineer
  • Robotics and automation engineer

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