Digital Art & Design

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You are creative and artistic. You are looking for a profession where you can apply your talents. Look no further than a career in digital art & design. From logos and ads, to commercials and Web sites, graphic design appears in many media forms. This program attracts aspiring artists with various talents and multimedia skills who come together to learn the techniques needed in this industry and the corporate world.

In the Digital Art & Design program, you will study commercial art and advertising design. You will learn design fundamentals, layout, graphic drawing and production techniques, Web page design, computer animation and three-dimensional design. Working on iMac computer systems, you also gain hands-on experience in integrating audio and video production.


High School Credit Junior Year
Digital Art & Design: 2.5, Technology: .5, English: 1.0
Potential College Semester Hour Credit

Ursuline College

Virginia Marti College

Cuyahoga Community College

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Course of Study/Syllabus

Additional Information

Current Program Fees:

Junior: $ 111.00

Senior: $  30.00

Digital Art & Design 2015-2016 Advisory Members

Mr. Chris Gilbert, Moen
Mr. Shawn Gorey, Thors LLC
Mr. Jeff Grey, Luna Marketing
Dr. Laura Hammel, Ursuline College
Ms. Cheryl McConnell, Children’s Technology Workshop of Ohio, LLC
Mrs. Melissa Munro, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
Mr. Dave Weber, Axent Graphics, LLC
Ms. Kim Weber, Valley Forge High School

Teacher: Mike Takatch

MA, Case Western Reserve University
BFA, The Cleveland Institute of Art
Certifications: ACE – Adobe Certified Expert
Years at Polaris: 24
Interests/Hobbies: Drawing, painting, bike-riding, swimming, hiking, travel, laughing, and eating


  • Design fundamentals
  • Layout tools and techniques
  • Thumbnail sketching; rough, comprehensive art
  • Mechanical comprehensives
  • Drawing techniques, portrait, cartooning
  • Illustration media development
  • Web page design
  • Audio techniques and theory
  • Computer animation and illustration
  • Painting techniques
  • Sculpture techniques
  • Measuring
  • Mechanical drawing (orthographic and isometric drawing)
  • Perspective drawing (one, two, and three point)


  • iMac
  • Laser printer
  • Camera Lucidea
  • Computer programs: Adobe Creative Suite CS4; Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash
  • Digital camera
  • Computer scanners

Career Options

  • Animator
  • Production artist
  • Design assistant
  • Layout artist
  • Studio apprentice
  • Printer’s apprentice
  • Photographer’s assistant
  • Photo lab assistant
  • Multimedia technician
  • Museum/gallery worker
  • Advertising salesperson
  • Web designer

Future Opportunities with Further Education

  • Advertising designer
  • Publications designer
  • Production artist
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Interior designer
  • Photographer
  • Multimedia specialist