Welding Technology

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Nothing sparks the imagination like a welding torch. The pulse of welding beats strongly in the 21st century according to the American Welding Society. Welding has an impressive track record in technology and process advancements. Because of its strength, welding is used to construct and repair parts of ships, automobiles, spacecraft, and thousands of other manufactured products. Welding is used to join beams when constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures.

The Polaris Welding Technology program will teach you the fundamentals of welding, the most common way of permanently joining metal parts, and the processes used to fabricate metal. You will receive training in gas, arc, fluxcore, and MIG and TIG welding. Along with blueprint reading and welding symbols, you will also learn how to use a grinder, drill, plasma arc cutter, burning torch, arc welding machines, and more.


High School Credit Junior Year
Welding Technology: 3.0, Technology: .5
Potential College Semester Hour Credit
Lorain County Community College

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Course of Study/Syllabus

Sample Assignments

Current Program Fees:

Junior: $ 40.00

Senior: $ 40.00

Welding Technology 2015-2016 Advisory Members

Mr. John Baker, Hose Master Inc.
Mr. Gary Callahan, Acroment d.b.a GT Metal Fabricators
Mr. Nick Greenland, Halvorsen Boiler Company
Mr. Regis Holland, O E Meyer Co.
Mr. Arnie Kuchenmeister, Sierra Lobo/Glenn Research Center
Mr. Jim Myers, Halvorsen Boiler Company
Mr. Ron Seith, Tru Form
Mr. Brian Sykes, EMH Crane
Mr. Larry Waller, Lorain County Community College

Welding - Graham

Teacher: Dan Graham

Email: dgraham@polaris.edu
BS Vocational Trade & Industrial & Welding (Major), Kent State University
BS Industrial Technology (Minor), Kent State University
Certificate of Completion, Lincoln Electric School of Welding
Certifications: American Welding Society D1.1 Structural Code all positions; Member American Welding Society since 1986
Years at Polaris: 23
Industry Experience: De-Mag Crane; American Shipbuilding; L&A Plumbing & Heating
Interests/Hobbies: Riding Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, golf


  • Arc welding – steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Gas welding
  • Fluxcore welding
  • Plasma arc cutting
  • Gas cutting
  • Air carbon arc cutting
  • Reading blueprints
  • Fabricating weldments


  • Plate shears
  • Grinders
  • Burning machine
  • Arc air equipment
  • Drills
  • Layout tools
  • Heating torches
  • Burning torches
  • Plasma arc cutting torch

Career Options

  • Tack welder
  • Production welder
  • Welder/fitter
  • Robotic technician
  • Inspector
  • Welding foreman
  • Welding technician
  • Equipment salesperson

Future Opportunities with Further Education

  • Welding engineer
  • Welding inspector
  • Robotics technician
  • Welding teacher
  • Welding shop manager
  • Owner of welding business
  • Equipment salesperson
  • Fabrication shop owner