Personal Enrichment

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Personal Enrichment

We offer hundreds of Personal Enrichment classes to those who want to learn something new or need help navigating the challenges of life.

Learning is a continuous process — it goes beyond high school, college classes and career training. Polaris Career Center understands the connection between the ongoing, voluntary pursuit of knowledge and the feeling of self-fulfillment. That’s why we offer hundreds of personal enrichment classes for adult learners looking to improve themselves and their skills.

Our Personal Enrichment Courses

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Keep Learning with Polaris Career Center

It’s often been said that lifelong learning is the key to happiness, and one of the best ways to continue your education is to take personal enrichment classes.

In general, learning helps you make better, more informed decisions by increasing your awareness of the world around you. Lifelong learning can promote an active, sharp mind, especially as you age. In addition, the act of learning something new can be extremely rewarding. From improving skills and knowledge around a hobby you currently enjoy or challenging yourself with a new pastime, personal enrichment classes can help give you a sense of personal fulfillment.

Avocational programs/courses are neither accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, nor qualify students to receive Title IV financial aid.