Scholarship Opportunities

Need to find creative ways to pay for tuition? Check out the many scholarship opportunities available to adult students.

Polaris Career Center accepts scholarships from external sources, provided the donor will allow the use of the scholarship at Polaris Career Center.  Scholarship checks should be mailed to:


Polaris Career Center

Adult Education Office

7285 Old Oak Blvd.

Middleburg Heights, OH 44130


Once external scholarship funds are received, the scholarship will be applied to any outstanding balance on the student account.  If the student account balance is zero, the account credit will be issued to the student, adhering to scholarship stipulations.

non-program specific

Non-Program Specific

Browse the many scholarship opportunities not tied to any specific course or program that could help you with your tuition and fees.

program specific

Program Specific

These scholarship opportunities are for specific Career-Tech programs offered by Polaris Career Center.