polaris state report card

Earlier this month, the Ohio Department of Education officially released report cards for Polaris and the state’s 90+ career-technical education (CTE) institutions. We’re proud to announce that we have earned an overall “4.5” star grade!

The career-technical report card includes star ratings in four key areas:  achievement, graduation rate, career & post-secondary readiness and post-program outcomes. Below is a summary of what these terms mean and how we performed and exceeded state standards:

The achievement component measures the skills and knowledge learned in student’s career-technical programs using aligned technical assessments and academic achievement. Graduation rate looks at the percentage of students who are successfully finishing high school with a diploma in four or five years. Whether training in a technical field or preparing for work or college, the career & post-secondary readiness component looks at how Ohio’s students are prepared for future opportunities. The post-program outcomes component measures the proportion of students who are employed, in an apprenticeship, join the military, enter a service program or are enrolled in postsecondary education or advanced training in the six months after graduation. It also includes industry credentials, which measure the proportion of students earning industry credentials before they leave high school or in the first six months after graduating.

The following is a summary of our report card star ratings:

Achievement - 4 Stars

Graduation Rate - 5 Stars

Career & Post-Secondary Readiness - 4 Stars

Post-Program Outcomes - 5 Stars

Click HERE to view our entire at-a-glance overview and report card.